STAYVE BB GLOW Starter Kit Pigment Serum 12 BOTTLES


The BB Glow Starter Kit STAYVE Pigment

Serum includes all 5 different shades of the BB Glow Ampoules in one box for an easy use. You can choose the shades for your clients as per their skin type, level of tanning or their personal preference.

Stayve Starter Kit

The Ampoules contain added foundation, combined with niacinamide and peptide for effective brightening and anti-ageing process. They allow instant hydration of the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and plump. This treatment is perfect for dry, sun-damaged skin, pigmented and uneven skin tones, tired and sensitive skin requiring intense moisture. BB Glow Ampoules are great for: Instant hydration of the skin,providing gradual lightening effect,neutralizing free radicals,restoring radiant complexion and even skin tone,reducing skin discoloration,not clogging up your pores unlike applying BB creams or make-up foundation


Advantages of the Starter Kit: all 5 shades of the BB Glow Ampoules to match different types of skin; convenient and practical for teaching students in beauty academies; it is cost-effective to purchase the starter kit than buying each shade separately


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